Local Activities

While you enjoy your stay at our campground in Fort Pierre, consider taking part in some of the local activities in the area. There are plenty of sites and attractions that are worth your time! If you have a few days or a week to spend in our wonderful city, we hope you’ll have time to visit all the major attractions. Take a look below at the attractions we have listed and feel free to call us if you would like any more information.

So much to do outside!

Do you fancy yourself a fan of the outdoors? If you’re visiting Ft. Pierre, you’re going to love the amount of outdoor activities that are available. There’s no doubt you can fill a day enjoying nature while participating in these great activities:

  • World class pheasant hunting
  • World class Walleye fishing
  • Water recreation/sports on the Missouri River and Lake Oahe

Call us if you would like to learn more.

Plenty of places to visit as well!

In addition to our outdoor activities, Fort Pierre has plenty of famous places to check out! Be sure to swing by the Cultural Heritage Center and view the Verendrye Monument. You can also get a tour of the Oahe Dam, the 4th largest man-made reservoir in the United States, and the Verendrye Museum. Fort Pierre Chouteau is also a fun place to visit if you want to see check out an old trading post from the 19th century. For the historian, there’s plenty to take in during your stay. If you want more information about where to visit, please let us know.

Our friendly staff wants you to have the best stay possible in Fort Pierre. When you stop by to check in, be sure to ask the staff at the desk for information about what to do in the area.